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Online Analysis

Online Analysis

In online business it is essential not to lose sight of the focus of your business or what your customers are looking for on the internet. Some of the questions that every CEO of a company should ask is what does the client expect from my website? Every client wants the company they work with to have an efficient website and not have the need to go face-to-face to solve a problem. To get answers to these questions, it is necessary to check and analyze each of the measures taken. The basis for this is web analytics, also called web analytics.

How does web analytics work?

With a web analysis you can measure a lot of things, for example: what product is the most sold on your website, what word do your customers search for in Google and other search engines, what products have your customers left in the shopping cart and not they bought. To do this, the first thing is to accurately determine the starting point through an accurate monitoring of user behavior on a web page. There are many tools designed to do this.

Web analysis:

Can identify weak points
Helps to enhance strengths
Guides the strategic direction of the company


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